The 220 Challenge



We started this journey trying to galvanise friends and family to complete a total of 220 acts of kindness. now, we are just looking to make peoples lives better by creating, completing and inspiring others to comitt to acts of kindness - however small or big. 


Our Current Campaigns.



Mary’s Meals provides one good meal to some of the world’s poorest children every school day. It costs only £13.90 to feed a child for a year!

Our challenge for you is to host a dinner party with friends, but charge them £13.90 to join. Donate the money to Mary's Meal's using this link.

Once you've done it, make sure to let us know using the contact form below. 

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After losing the most incredible, one of a kind, best friend Nick Sloane to cancer in 2017 we are looking for friends and family to host a walk amongst friends. 

The concept is simple; invite some friends round for a local walk. Offer some tea and biscuits to start or some sausages and soup to end, but ask people to contribute a fiver for the pleasure.

Please make all donations to Cancer Research via this Just Giving page as we are working with Cancer Research to use the total funds to work on a specific research project. 

As usual, let us know when you have set a trek up, or once you've raised some well needed funds. 

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After raising over £13,000 for Cancer Research with our first Summer Party in 2017, we are going to try and smash that amount in 2018. 

Our summer party will be hosted in Solihull at B93 8PJ and will be filled with live music, great food and plenty of alcohol. 

Tickets are available from the link below:

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It's not just about donations.

The 220 challenge was not about asking people to donate more money to charity. Of course money is essential to make some of the worlds bigger changes, but we also know there are many many small acts of kindness  that can change peoples lives for the better.



Ways to help.

There are so many ways that you can make a difference, with very little change to your regular life. Starting 

1. Join Our Newsletter

The easiest way to stay involved is to sign up to join our newsletter. We will remind you on a quarterly basis of all the great ways people have supported the causes. 

2. Perform an Act of Kindness

Read how our community is changing the world by very small but hugely beneficial acts of kindness and come up with your suggestions. Remember to let us know as soon as you have so we can inspire others!

3. Support A Cause

If you want to support one of causes then please follow the instructions in our big acts section.